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Hanoi: 19 month old girl was the Jav Bukkake car Land Rover Qu series t death.

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Playing with his brother, 19-month-old baby girl was car brand Range Rover Hanoi sea control and scan down to the street and died. 

Parental neglect, young children alone in the elevator urinating on the panel and met tragic accident 

girlfriend fondly as infants to 3 after the accident, the man still married to the care and the associated emotion after 7 year 
the accident occurred approximately 18h pm 12/8, Nguyen Quang Bich road (Cua Dong ward - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi). 

The victim is a girl name DGM (19 months of age, residing at the address above). 

ha noi: girls 19 months with range rover car hop and scan mortality - 1 

time of the accident. 

Initial information, the time on the child was playing with his brother. Unfortunately, at that moment, the car Range Rover bearing BKS: 29A-XXX flow through and collision led to the baby down the street. 

Although, to be relatives to the hospital emergency but due to injuries to the victim did not survive. 

Getting information, the local functional forc…


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jav Lesbians
By defeating Genk in their first loss since 26 February (3-1), Ostende qualified on Wednesday for the 3rd preliminary round of the Europa League. Joseph Akpala (27th, 1-0), David Rozehnal (32nd, 2-0) and Andile Jali (51st, 3-1) allowed the coastal club to win the play-offs against the winner of play-offs 2. Siebe Schrijvers (45th, penalty 2-1) had temporarily put Genk back in the race.

If he could count on Silvio Proto (fractured a toe) and half-time on Sébastien Siani (groin embarrassment), Vanderhaeghe had to replace Landry Dimata by Akpala. Alone at the peak, the Nigerian struggled to make a more closed meeting more pleasant. Frank Berrier took advantage of a mistake by Jere Uronen Jav Office to slip the ball just in front of his opponent's goal (27th, 1-0).

In the defensive phase, Genk was not on the pace: on corner kick, Sander Berge put the ball back into the feet of Ronzehnal, who hit close (32nd, 2-0). Genk was in trouble but Schrijvers pulled it out partly by …

Venus Williams on our compatriot in Roland-Garros: "Mertens who?"

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Venus Williams (WTA 11) will be the next opponent of Elise Mertens (WTA 60), Friday at Roland Garros. The American, finalist of the tournament in 2002 against his sister Serena, is still there soon to 37 years. On Wednesday, she qualified for the third round with the Japanese Kurumi Nara (WTA 90) 6-3, 6-1 in 1h20.

"It's always nice when you can control the match," said the American. "The first set was still a little tricky, she played well, she pulled out incredible blows of defense, I had to adapt to her game, but I made fewer mistakes than in my first round. Is positive and I want to continue in this way, "added Venus Williams, who was able to count on the support of her sister, pregnant with her first child, in the stands.

"She said 'good job' and I'm sure she must be happy to feel the excitement of a Grand Slam without the pressure to play."

Venus Williams is present for the 20th time at Roland Garros, where she lost last year in the r…

New revelation about the death of Lady Diana: the vehicle in which she was was a "wreck" (video)

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In the run-up to the 20th anniversary of the death of Lady Diana in the Alma tunnel in Paris, the investigation is always full of twists and turns. A new book, Who Killed Lady Di ?, reports that the vehicle should never have been on the road.

On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana died as a result of a car accident in Paris. Pursued by paparazzi, the Mercedes driven by a driver of the Ritz engaged at high speed in the tunnel of Alma. The vehicle then struck a pylon of this tunnel in a violent shock. It was two hours after the accident that Lady Diana died as a result of her injuries.

Guest of RTL France this Tuesday, May 30, Pascal Rostain, journalist and co-author of the book Who killed Diana? Has made new and shattering revelations. According to him, the Mercedes of the Ritz in which the princess was located was a real wreck, the accident was inevitable.

This vehicle was stolen and was badly injured by thugs some years ago. The former owner was completely reimbursed by his insurance, which …