New revelation about the tiffany holiday death of Lady Diana: the vehicle in which she was was a "wreck" (video)

In the run-up to the 20th anniversary of the death of Lady Diana in the Alma tunnel in Paris, the investigation is always full of twists and turns. A new book, Who Killed Lady Di ?, reports that the vehicle should never have been on the road.

On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana died as a result of a car accident in Paris. Pursued Jav Office by paparazzi, the Mercedes driven by a driver of the Ritz engaged at high speed in the tunnel of Alma. The vehicle then struck a pylon of this tunnel in a violent shock. It was two hours after the accident that Lady Diana died as a result of her injuries.

Guest of RTL France this Tuesday, May 30, Pascal Rostain, journalist and co-author of the book Who killed Diana? Has made new and shattering revelations. According to him, the Mercedes of the Ritz in which the princess was located was a real wreck, the accident was inevitable.

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This vehicle was stolen and was badly injured by thugs some years ago. The former owner was completely reimbursed by his insurance, which described the vehicle as "wreck". A car that was therefore jav full destined for breakage, until a garage decided to do otherwise. He completely repaired the vehicle and then sold it to a rental company. A rental company that was working with the Ritz, where Lady Diana was staying during her fatal accident.
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Pascal Rostaing tells RTl: "This Ritz car was a wreck, it should never have come back on the roads. It was first hurled, made several barrels, before going to destruction, where permission was obtained to re-make a vehicle.

Two months before the tragedy, an employee who had been driving this car for a year would have confessed to the director of the Ritz: "You have to swing this car. Beyond 60 km / h, this car, it is not held. A statement that calls into question the former director of the Ritz, Mohamed Al-Fayed, who is none other than the father of Dodi Al-Fayed, the companion of the time of Lady Diana.

Journalists who Porn Asian incest wrote the book Who Killed Diana? Does not try to clear the driver responsible for the accident which had 1.82g / l of alcohol in the blood. But they also want to prove that the Ritz holds its share of responsibility in this drama of 31 August 1997 that plunged the United Kingdom into mourning.

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