Eat the same food ebony girls every day, have a healthy?

1. Advantage

If the main travel snacks and dinner can include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet, vegetables, grains, protein N C form, the part from the product, fat and milk are healthy, you have a good start. The development of the eating habits of the rich, diverse, including all food group was recommend 色情影片 above, is not easy. According to the latest nutrition instructions to the Americans, about 90% of Americans do not eat vegetables and 85% sufficient amount of fruits do not eat enough advice.

But there are plans to eat repeat balance is the appropriate method to implement the work plan to prepare food and eat their own interests but also to scientifically arrange temporary instead of socks a bag of chips or stop in the vicinity of the fast-food restaurant good food.
Without changing the business model is very common.

In addition, some research shows that, without changing the business model is very common. 2015 5000 studies have considered the quality and rich model is more mature to eat a lot of different origins. The results of a variety of patterns, eating patterns and waist eating is associated with reduced risk of type of high quality more 2 of diabetic patients.
The researchers concluded that the model is not necessarily the metabolic pattern eat diversified food model high quality or better. A rich food can also include food unhealthy doesn't bring you what good.

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The model is not necessarily eat diversified food patterns have high quality or better The new supersedes the old.
2. weakness
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You eat a balanced mode, the theory does not mean that can contain all the nutritional needs. Dana expert Angelo White, diet and exercise Coach Certificate in Connecticut, said: "I really don't work to encourage repeat the same food and eat every day is a good time, often eat the things you love, but you can not meet all the needs of nursing agent, if you keep eating the same food, so one day and one day. The rich diversity, the need for a meaningful pattern of eating balance and L Strong".

Pointed out that the relationship between the benefits mode for your health food diversity, most studies support the white inferior point of view. A research model has been taken into account in 2015 more than 7000 people to eat at least 20 years old, the level of the skin. Risk ng food is high, is a person with metabolic syndrome is less than have some more rich.

You eat a balanced mode, the theory does not mean that can contain all the nutrients needed.
3. conclusion

Although eat different kinds of food is very important, but the most important thing is that you choose to eat a (published in the National Library of medicine and Biotechnology Information Research Center in 2002 of the United States) to understand the diversity level of healthy food and unhealthy mortality of more than 60000 women.

The results that follow a healthy diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, bread, Cereals, fish is very complete, products from milk fat and less had lower mortality than those obvious target is
Here, nutrition experts pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of amidor Tobey and eat the same food:

Eat the same food every day, have a healthy? He is a.

Nutrition expert Tobey amidor.

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